8th Oct – 13th Oct

MONDAY - Destination INK: An open mic catered to all stories. Whether born as poems, prose, scripts, music or a mix heritage of multimedia gadgetry, bring them down for a playdate with other words. They’re growing – an incubator for all your experiments. Test out new material, meet future collaborators or just hang out with friends. $ 4 for entry.

TUESDAY - join Greg Lyons Grooveworks @ Space for this Tuesday Jazz Night. 7:30pm onwards where music is a great accompaniment to your dinner.

WEDNESDAY: Stand up, Stand up for some laughs as we offer comedy as the dish @ Space. 8:30pm onwards and it’s SGD 15 for entry. Or pull up a chair and join Eddie and friends @ Cafe from 9pm.

THURSDAY: And our weekly fight night- with words and wit – The Comedy Pimp presents Fight Comic – An improvised comedy slam. SGD 10 for entry to Space. Doors open at 8pm and fight starts at 9pm

FRIDAY: Say hello to Smoooooth as Fuze Collective takes stage this night. Fendi on vox, Eun Taek on keys, Yazzit on bass, Wen Ming on percussion and Kerong on organ. 9:30pm onwards @ Cafe. Hot Damn fills the airways @ Lounge from 9:30pm onwards. It is your mid-month night to get down to familiar re-edits of funk, disco and boogie. Edits that are being revived by a new generation of DJs & producers; inspired by the past awesome and motivated by an open-minded dancefloor. A generation that rocks the timeless boat outside the radar of EDM and beats.

SATURDAY: Give a big shoutout to AYASCHOOL as we feature Outdraw Trio from Chiang Mai. An unconventional jam session as we explore a wide range of genre in tonight’s freestyle jam. 9:30pm onwards. You need some HEAT, some passion? Join Andrew McKay @ Lounge with The Fever – it’s hip hop and classic funk. Want some MORE live music? The Echo is back with a revamped line-up that mixes the old with the new! They guarantee to get your tailfeather shaking with a range of old and new-skool tunes that are more jam-packed with groove and energy than a groove and energy jam sandwich. From Stevie Wonder to John Mayer, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Amy Winehouse and Donny Hathaway to Jason Mraz, we cue the music! 9:30pm @ Space

Peace Out. Yo.

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