A La Carte Menu


Daily Homemade Soup


Shepherd Salad – Diced Japanese cucumbers, white onions, tomatoes, green chillies and mint leaves with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Village Salad – Mixed green salad tossed with chickpeas, black olives, feta cheese, Japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Garden Salad - Mixed Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Raisins and Pine Nuts.  Served with French Dressing.


Caesar Salad - Romaine Lettuce with Bacon Bits, Croutons and Parmesan.

Chicken Salad - Romaine lettuce with freshly grilled Chicken, Bacon bits, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese and caesar dressing.

Prawn and Mango Salad - Mixed greens with French dressing, Mango and Grilled Prawns

Side Dish:

Pita Bread (1pc) 5″

Add Choice of Dips:

Hummus (Chick Peas) – A Mediterranean dip made of chickpeas and Tahini sauce with a tinge of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, fresh garlic and in house spices. Topped with a dash of sweet paprika.

Baba Ghanoush (Aubergine) – Roasted Aubergine mixed with Greek yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, bell perppers and finely chopped garlic. Topped with Dash of Sweet Paprika, extra virgin olive oil and 1 pc of black olive.

Cacik (Cucumber & Yoghurt) – Delicious combination of Greek yoghurt, mayonnaise and diced Japanese cucumbers with dash of fresh dill and extra virgin olive oil.

Ezme (Turkish Salsa) – Daily made Turkish Salsa with freshly cut tomatoes, white onions, chilli peppers and Italian Parsley mixed with in house spices.

Avocado – Healthy and nutritious fresh avocadoes blended with yoghurt, mayonnaise and finely chopped fresh garlic. Topped with 1 pc of black olive.


Shawarma – Grilled Pita bread stuffed with freshly grilled marinated lamb or shredded chicken fillet meat, fresh shredded lettuce, caramelised white onions, sliced tomatoes served with mixed green salad and hummus on the side.

Choice of Chicken – served with garlic sauce
Choice of Lamb – served with in house chilli sauce

Arayes (Pita Bread and Minced Beef) – Minced beef with Italian parsley and mint leaves stuffed inside a pita bread, grilled on low fire till crispy and cut into 4 pcs. Served with shredded cucumber, sliced tomatoes with in house chilli sauce.

Kofta – Minced beef mixed with white onions, fresh mint, Italian parsley, spices and moulded into a sausage, grilled on low fire. Served with shredded cucumber, sliced tomatoes, homemade pickles, caramelised white onions on top with 1 pc of pita bread and in house chilli sauce.

SANDWICHES (served with side dishes of Coleslaw and French Fries)

Ham & Cheese sandwich - 2 pcs of bread with ham and cheese sandwich grilled to perfection.

Hot Dog - Grilled German Chicken Sausage layered with tomato slices, cucumber and lettuce with Dijon mustard on hot dog bun.

Veggie Triangle - Seasonal vegetables, onions, Jalapeno chillies, mushroom and mozzarella cheese wrapped and deep fried.  Served with Salsa sauce and mixed green salad. (no coleslaw and french fries)

Hunk Burger - Homemade thick beef patty, topped with bacon, onions, cheese, lettuce and tomato.



Falafel – 6pcs of ping pong ball sized crispy and healthy deep fried patty made with ground chickpeas, broad beans and fresh Italian Parsley. Served with Shepherd salad, homemade pickles, 1 pc of Pita bread and Cacik dip on the side.

Shish Kebab – 2 skewers of grilled chicken tender or beef cut into cubes with bell peppers, white onions and cherry tomatoes. Served with Shepherd salad and Turkish butter rice with Vermicelli (Sauce on the side).
Choice of Chicken: Served with Cacik dip
Choice of Beef: Served with mango yoghurt sauce

Baked Rice – Minced beef or diced chicken marinated with in house spices and cooked with Turkish butter rice with vermicelli to perfection. Baked with cream, mozarella cheese and garlic sauce over the top.
Choice of Chicken: $12.90 Beef: $13.90

Spicy Chicken – Marinated half portion of spring chicken grilled to perfection. Served with Shepherd salad, Turkish butter rice with vermicelli and in house chilli sauce on top.

Mousaka – Minced beef or diced chicken tender marinated with in house spices, mixed with layers of bell peppers, roasted aubergines and grilled potatoes. Baked with Bechamel sauce and Mozarella cheese, topped with 1 pc of fresh green chilli and sliced tomatoes. Served with 1 pc of pita bread.
Choice of Chicken: $13.90 Beef $14.90

Pirzola (Lamb Chops) – Air flown Australian lamb rack marinated with in house spices and cooked to perfection in medium doneness. Served with Shepherd salad, Turkish butter rice with vermicelli and garlic yoghurt sauce on the side.



Vegetable Pasta – Spaghetti with assorted vegetables, cooked in tomato Napolitan sauce.

Carbonara – Spaghetti with bacon, chicken, ham and parmesan cheese in light cream sauce.

Bolognese – An all time favorite with tomato concasse and minced beef.

Pasta de Nonya – Spaghetti with Mussels, Prawns, Squid stir fried with homemade sambal.

Marinara – Spaghetti with prawns, squid, black olives cooked with tomato Napolitan sauce.

Seafood Aglio Olio – Sauteed Spaghetti with Prawns, Squid, garlic, chilli padi and olive oil.



Grilled Chicken Chop – Grilled boneless Chicken Leg served with potatoes, mixed vegetables and black pepper sauce.

Grilled Creole Chicken – Grilled boneless Chicken Leg served with spicy sauce (Red & Green chillies, Shallots, Garlic, Spring Onions and olive oil), Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables.

Pork Chop – Grilled twin Pork collar served with potatoes, mixed vegetables and apple sauce.

NZ Ribeye Steak (200gm+-) – Served with potatoes, mixed vegetables and black pepper sauce.

Fillet Tenderloin Steak (200gm+-) – Grilled twin Australian beef tenderloin with shallots, mustard sauce served with potatoes and mixed vegetables.


FISH AND CHIPS – Deep fried breaded dory fish served with coleslaw, tartar sauce and french fries.

Grilled Dory Fish – Grilled dory fish bedded with potatoes, mixed sauce and french lemon butter sauce.

Grilled Salmon – Served with potatoes, mixed vegetables and lemon butter sauce.

Grilled Seafood Combo – Dory and Salmon fillet, Squid, King Prawn served with buttered rice, mixed vegetables, topped with lemon butter sauce.

Chimichanga – Deep fried flour Tortilla stuffed with Chicken, cheese, jalapeno pepper, olives, onions and tomatoes served with salad and spicy salsa sauce.

Beef Lasagne – Bolognaise sauce baked in between layers of flat pasta and mozarella cheese.


LOCAL DELIGHTS (All stir fried meat, vegetables, seafood and curry are served with steamed rice)

Seafood Mee Goreng – stif fried yellow noodles with seafood in a spicy sambal sauce.

Seafood Fried Rice – Chef’s specialty stir fried rice with prawns, squid and eggs.

Lohan Vegetables – Stir fried brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, fresh and straw mushrooms.

Sambal Seafood Fried Rice – Stir fried rice with prawns, squid, eggs and the chef’s special sambal.

Chicken Curry – A Singaporean favorite of chicken and potatoes in a specially homemade spicy curry gravy.

Mushroom Chicken – Stir fried boneless chicken and mushroom with Oyster sauce.

Sweet and Sour Fish – Stir fried dory fish in sweet and sour sauce and vegetables.

Sambal Prawns – Spicy stir fried prawns in a sambal sauce.

Seafood Thai Sauce – Stir fried dory fish, squid and prawns with spicy Thai chilli sauce.

Black Pepper Beef – Stir fried beef strips with onions, bell peppers and black pepper sauce.



(pricing in brackets are in place after 10:30pm @ Cafe and valid at all times @ Lounge and Space) Last Order For Finger Food (Mon~Thur until 11pm) (Fri-Sat until 1.00am)

French Fries â $5.50 ($6.50)

Thai Tofu â $5.50 ($6.50)

Potato Wedges â $6.50 ($7.50)

Popcorn Chicken -$7.50 ($8.50)

Corn Tortillas â $6.50 ($7.50)

Calamari â $8.50 ($9.50)

Mozarella Cheese Stick â $9.90 ($10.90)

Zing Wing â $9.90 ($10.90)

Satay â $8.00 ($9.00)

Last Order For Finger Food (Mon~Thur until 11pm) (Fri-Sat until 1.00am)



Gelato - Choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, Fresh Raspberry or Fresh Mango Ice Cream
$4.50 (add $1.50 to get a double scoop)

Cheese Cake - Choice of New York or Oreo Cheese Cake

Brownies - Chocolate nut brownie served with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

Baklava - In house exquisite Turkish dessert made of layers of phyllo pastry filled with Pistachio nuts and sweetened with honey.

Apple Crumble - Tasty chunks of lightly sweetened apples covered in a crisp and crunchy topping served with Vanilla ice cream.

Borek (Savouries) - Savoury pastry made of phyllo, filled with Mozzarella cheese and feta cheese served with olives, cherry tomato, garnished with Italian parsley.


*** All desserts and pastries are made daily with fresh ingredients.

*** All the above items are available til 11:30pm (Mon – Thurs) and 1:30am (Fri, Sat & Eve of public holidays and public holidays



Black Coffee â $2.50 ($4.50)

Single Espresso â $2.50 ($4.50)

Double Espresso â $3.50 ($5.50)

Short Macchiatto â $2.50 ($4.50)

Caffe Latte â $3.00 ($5.00)

Cappucino â $3.00 ($5.00)

Affogato â $5.00 ($6.00)

Tea â $2.50 ($4.50)â¨(Oolong, Blackcurrant, Japanese Green Tea, Earl Grey, Camomile, English Breakfast Or Jasmine)

Hot Chocolate â $4.00 ($6.00)



Soft Drinks â $2.50 ($4.00)â¨(Coke, Coke lite, Sprite, Tonic, Soda, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, Mineral Water)

Perrier â $4.50 ($5.50)

Red Bull â $4.50 ($5.00)



Lime Juice â $3.00 ($4.00)

Fresh Juices â $3.50 ($5.00)

Fruit Smoothies â $5.00 ($6.50)

Mango Lassie â $5.50 ($7.00)



Approach Our Staff For Complete Wine List Glass â $9.50â¨Bottle â $38.00

House Pour Winesâ¨Semillon Sauvignon Blanc â06 (Tyroneâs, South Australia)

Cabernet Sauvignon â08 (Yellow Tail, Australia)



House Pours (Jim Beam, Gordon Dry, Bacardi, Myers, Jose Cuervo Gold, Smirnoff Red, Dewars White)â¨One Shot â $8â¨Double Shot â $12â¨Jug â $28

Mixers -Tonic, Soda, Lime, Coke Or Ginger Ale

Vodka Red Bull â $12.00

Vodka Red Bull Double Shot â $15.00

Vodka Red Bull Jug â $32.00



First 6 Cans With A Bottle Purchase â $15.00

Mixer Pack Of 4 Cans â $18.00



Tiger Beer Mug 33cl â $6.00

Tiger Beer Pint 50cl â $11.00

Tiger Beer Jug 132cl â $22.00

TigerBeerTower- $70.00

Heineken Half Pint 25cl â $7.00

Heineken Pint 50cl â $12.00

Heineken Jug 132cl â $24.00

HeinekenTower- $80.00



Singha 33cl â $7.50

San Miguel 33cl â $7.50

Heineken 33cl â $8.50

Corona 33cl â $8.50

James Boagâs Premium 33cl â $8.50

Stella Artois 33cl â $8.50

Hoegaarden 33cl â $9.00

Guinness Stout 33cl â $10.00

Duvel 33cl â $12.00

Kirin 33cl â $9.00

Kilkenny 44cl â $11.00

Erdinger Light/Dark 50cl â $12.00

Guinness Surger Draught 52cl â $12.00

Kostritzer Dark Lager 33cl â $10.00

Magners Irish Cider 33cl â $9.00



Bull Punch â $11.00

Summer Fresh â $11.00

Tropic zest â $11.00

Virgin Bulljito â $11.00



Around The World â $15.00

Long Island Iced Tea â $15.00

Long Beach Ice Tea â $15.00

SingaporeSling â $15.00

TokyoIced Tea â $15.00

Zombie â $15.00

Amaretto Sour â $13.00

BermudaTriangle â $13.00

Black Venom â $13.00

Black Russian â $13.00

Bloody Mary â $13.00

Blue Lagoon â $13.00

Brandy Alexander â $13.00

Caipirinha â $13.00

Caipiroska â $13.00

Chocolate Martini â $13.00

Cosmopolitan â $13.00

CognacBomber -$13.00

Cointreau Red Bull -$13.00

CubaLibre -$13.00

Dirty Martini -$13.00

Fluffy Duck â $13.00

Frozen/Shaken Daiquiri â $13.00

Frozen/Shaken Margarita â $13.00

God Father â $13.00

Golden Cadillac â $13.00

Grasshopper â $13.00

Jager Bomb â $13.00

Illusion â $13.00

Italian Job â $13.00

Lychee Martini â $13.00

Manhattan â $13.00

Martini Dry â $13.00

Mojito â $13.00

Moonwalk â $13.00

Nirvana â $13.00

Pina Colada â $13.00

Pink Panther â $13.00

Screwdriver â $13.00

Sea Breeze â $13.00

Sex on The Beach â $13.00

Side Car â $13.00

Snow ball â $13.00

TequilaSunrise- $13.00

Tom Collins â $13.00

Whisky Sour â $13.00

White Russian â $13.00



Waterfall â $28.00

Lambourgini â $28.00

Dr. Pepper â $18.00



ABC, Adios, After Eight, After Six, Apache, Blowjob, B52, Flat Liner, E.T, F-16, Rattle, Snake, Vibrator, Fourth Of July, Bit O Honey, Purple Turtle, K.G.B, Land Slide, Irish Flag)



Single Shot â $10.00â¨Double Shot â $15.00â¨Bottle â $150.00


Campari, Pernod, Martini Bianco, Martini Extra Dry, Martini Rosso



Single Shot â $10.00â¨Double Shot â $15.00â¨Bottle â $150.00


Amaretto, Apricot Brandy, Apple Sour, Cream De Banana, Benedectine DOM, Blue Curacao, Butter Scotch , Cream De Cacao White, Cherry Brandy, Cointreau. Drambuie. Galliano, Grand Marnier, Kahlua. Malibu, Midori, Peach Schnapps, Pepper Mint White, Pepper Mint Green, Sambuca, Southern Comfort, Triple Sec, Lychee Liqueur


Smirnoff Red â Shot â $8.00 Dbl Shot â $12.00 Bottle â $130.00

Absolut Blue â Shot â $10.00 Dbl Shot â $15.00 Bottle â $150.00

Grey Goose â Shot â $13.00 Dbl Shot â $18.00 Bottle â $180.00



Gordon Dry Gin â Shot â $8.00 Dbl Shot â $12.00 Bottle â $130.00â¨Bombay Sapphire Gin â Shot â $10.00 Dbl Shot â $15.00 Bottle â $150.00

Tanqueray Gin â Shot â $10.00 Dbl Shot â $15.00 Bottle â $150.00



Bacardi White Rum â Shot â $8.00 Dbl Shot â $12.00 Bottle â $130.00

Barcardi Oro Gold Rum â Shot â $10.00 Dbl Shot â $15.00 Bottle â $150.00

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum â Shot â $10.00 Dbl Shot â $15.00 Bottle â $150.00

Myerâs Dark Rum â Shot â $8.00 Dbl Shot â $12.00 Bottle â $130.00

Cachaca Box 32 â Shot â $10.00 Dbl Shot â $15.00 Bottle â $180.00




Martell V.S.O.P - Shot â $13.00 Dbl Shot â $20.00 Bottle â $200.00

Napoleon Brandy â Shot â $8.00 Dbl Shot â $12.00 Bottle â $130.00

Martell Cordon Bleu â Shot â $22.00 Dbl Shot â $30.00 Bottle â $300.00



Jose Cuervo Gold â Shot â $8.00 Dbl Shot â $12.00 Bottle â $130.00

Jose Cuervo 1800 â Shot â $10.00 Dbl Shot â $15.00 Bottle â $150.00



Dewarâs White Label â Shot â $8.00 Dbl Shot â $12.00 Bottle â $130.00

Jim Beam â Shot â $8.00 Dbl Shot â $12.00 Bottle â $130.00

Jack Danielâs â $10.00 Dbl Shot â $15.00 Bottle â $150.00

Chivas Regal 12 Years â $12.00 Dbl Shot â $18.00 Bottle â $150.00

Johnnie Walker Black Label â $12.00 Dbl Shot â $18.00 Bottle â $150.00



Suntory Yamazaki â $15.00 Dbl Shot â $22.00 Bottle â $220.00

Macallan 12 Years â $15.00 Dbl Shot â $22.00 Bottle â $220.00

Glenmorangie 10 Years â $15.00 Dbl Shot â $22.00 Bottle â $220.00

Glenfiddich 12 Years â $15.00 Dbl Shot â $22.00 Bottle â $220


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