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26th Mar – 30th Mar

TUESDAY – Need an alternative way to spend your evening? Here are 2 choices: Business Rocks! It is about music, beer and business opportunities, so if you love business and entrepreneurship, come and share your success, failures, rants and raves – anything goes as long as it is interesting and…

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18th Mar – 23rd Mar

It’s almost the end of the 1st quarter of 2013 and I wonder how time can move so quickly and slowly simultaneously. At Blu Jaz, we hope to share those happy moments that will seemingly stretch out into infinity in your memories. TUESDAY – If it’s unique you want, engaging…

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18th Feb – 23rd Feb

Tis MONDAY but there is no needs for blues unless you like the tunes. Feel free to drop by and meet new peeps with DESINATION: INK - an open mic catered to all stories. Whether born as poems, prose, scripts, music or a mix heritage of multimedia gadgetry, bring them…

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