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22nd Apr – 27th Apr

Tis a new week and we will be heading into May soon, what with flower blooming and birds chirping. Regardless of the all year round tropical climate – there are subtle shifts which could send us running to tank tops and shorts, complete with a cold one in hand. TUESDAY…

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26th Mar – 30th Mar

TUESDAY – Need an alternative way to spend your evening? Here are 2 choices: Business Rocks! It is about music, beer and business opportunities, so if you love business and entrepreneurship, come and share your success, failures, rants and raves – anything goes as long as it is interesting and…

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18th Feb – 23rd Feb

Tis MONDAY but there is no needs for blues unless you like the tunes. Feel free to drop by and meet new peeps with DESINATION: INK - an open mic catered to all stories. Whether born as poems, prose, scripts, music or a mix heritage of multimedia gadgetry, bring them…

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