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18th Feb – 23rd Feb

Tis MONDAY but there is no needs for blues unless you like the tunes. Feel free to drop by and meet new peeps with DESINATION: INK - an open mic catered to all stories. Whether born as poems, prose, scripts, music or a mix heritage of multimedia gadgetry, bring them…

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5th Nov – 10th Nov

Sometimes it’s good to savour, in the present, what is given. Rain has been our constant companion for the weekend, and perhaps, like me, you would like to take the opportunity to let your thoughts flow. So come on down tonight, with live music accompanying that drink and yourself while…

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24th Sept – 29th Sept

Have your ears returned to normal? And some of you gotten over the disappointment of the crash? Well Monday Blues begone! Have a drink or two whilst enjoying JazzTec – Band from Mexico who are The Makers of the Vision. Sporting a variety of instruments – these young chaps will…

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