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30th Oct – 3rd Nov

I’m sure most of you had a blast over the weekend with the numerous parties happening round town and today would be the last day where you may gallivant in something other than yourself. Happy Halloween! We had a great Singapore Arts Salon yesterday and for those who missed it…

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12th March – 17th March

Monday slipped in with the rain that brought the wind against face, eyes closed. Mid-week sees our brilliant jam session led by Eddy Layman – it’s game on – @ Cafe – 9pm onwards. And that would translate to fantastic music, an audio glimpse of intellect and harmonization. More laughs…

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21st March – 26th March

It’s a little dated but THANK YOU EVERYONE who came down to Gambatte! Fight for Japan – thanks to all the artistes who contributed their craft, time and love – thank you for everyone who donated to the cause – if you haven’t heard – we raised SGD 76,000!!!!!!!!!!!! So,…

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