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5th Aug – 10th Aug

WE ARE OPEN! We wish to wish our Muslim friends – a wonderful Eid al-Fitr and our nation a happy independence day and may we all enjoy good health and continuous growth. MONDAY - it’s a musical escapade with OMNIFORM - An endangered species of toxin-devouring soul-enriching orchestra that needs…

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29th Jul – 3rd Aug

MONDAY – a little something to perk that first day of work week up with Chok Kerong on Organ, Andrew Lim on strings and Soh Wen Ming on drums. Special guests Beverly Morata, Rani Singam, Alemay Fernandez and Richard Jackson add luscious, velvety, spicy vocals to the night. 9pm onwards…

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15th Jul – 20th Jul

Morning ya’ll! MONDAY - let’s get gabby at the start of the week – or if you prefer, expanding your experiences. We have destination:INK where we celebrate the awesomeness of words in poems, prose, scripts, music or a mixed heritage of multimedia gadgetry. And this month – it’s all about…

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