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24 Jul – 27 Jul

hello indian summer…. at least it feels like it – time for icy mango smoothies and cold beers over some conversation or great music! WEDNESDAY - Come on down for a mid-week lift! It’s Eddy and Christy in KIND OF BLU JAM. As the name implies – jazz jamming session,…

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1st Jul – 6th Jul

MONDAY – destination: INK – an open mic catered to all stories. Whether born as poems, prose, scripts, music or a mix heritage of multimedia gadgetry, bring them down for a playdate with other words. $4 for entry. 8pm onwards @ LOUNGE WEDNESDAY – And it’s back to a delicious,…

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24th Jun – 29 Jun

Everyone is talking about it and we’ve even made news internationally. As reported in The Business Times: The world reacted with incredulity yesterday when it discovered what a “Singapore” was. Some clues to the existence of the city-state began emerging on Wednesday, when millions of orders for respiratory masks began…

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