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21st Nov – 24th Nov

WEDNESDAY - Midweek sees Eddie and gang jam out awesome tunes to give us that extra lift till the weekend. 9pm onwards @ CAFE. Pushin’On presents Hip Hop’s history this month and kick-started with Beautiful Loser and Whole Train on Monday and come this day they showcase Beat Kings (2006)…

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14th May – 19th May

A sweltering start to the week and our bodies are easily flustered under this hot glare – so we welcome you to sit for a spell with iced tea or a pint of Heineken. WEDNESDAY - It’s another evening of great music with Eddy’s jam session. Guests artistes grace our…

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4th April – 8th April

It’s mid week and if you’ve been around, you’d have caught an awesome band – Ominform – on Monday @ Cafe – original compositions by Greg Lyons come to life! And you might have heard strains of a new band (new to us, anyway) Amnesia with their own brand of…

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